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Date de publication 12.07.2023

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Freelance Writers For AI Training - French

e2f is seeking Content Writers for an AI project.

Employment type: Freelance, Project Based

Join our team as a Content Writer for AI Training! We're looking for a talented individual fluent in French and with exceptional writing skills. Your role will involve creating content and collaborating with experts and team members. Attention to detail, strong research skills, and the ability to work independently are key.

  • Native-level fluency in French with exceptional writing skills.
  • Good English level.
  • Writing experience is a must.
  • You will need to pass our test.

  • Create compelling content for AI projects.
  • Collaborate with experts and team members.
  • Attend training meetings.
  • Meet deadlines and guideline standards.

What we offer:
  • Competitive rates based on skills and experience.
  • Exciting generative AI development from the comfort of your home.
  • Flexible work hours and availability.

About us: e2f helps people and machines communicate naturally across languages and cultures. With expertise in data science, we provide high-quality linguistic datasets for AI and NLP projects.


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