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Date de publication 31.01.2024

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Fullstack Developer PHP and React (with French)

Company Description

Alter Solutions Portugal is an Information Technology Consultancy, a catalyst for Digital Transformation, part of the Alter Solutions group created in 2006 in Paris.

In 2022, Alter Solutions joined the act digital group, forming a global community of technology talent with a presence in eleven countries: Belgium, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and Spain.

In Portugal, we have 120 clients and a team of 500 people working on projects in sectors as diverse as banking, insurance, transport, aviation and energy.

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Job Description

As a Full-Stack Developer with PHP and React, you will be responsible for:
  • Security: Implementing security measures, including authentication, authorization, and protection against common attacks.
  • Testing and Debugging: Conducting unit testing, integration testing, and system testing to ensure the backend functions properly. Debugging issues and optimizing performance.
  • Development of New Features: Contributing to the development of new features on both the backend and/or frontend.
  • Performance Optimization: Improving application responsiveness and efficiency by optimizing code, network requests, and utilizing caching techniques.


  • Mastery of object-oriented programming techniques.
  • Advanced proficiency in PHP development languages, JavaScript.
  • Advanced mastery of the operation of APIs (REST) and data languages (JSON).
  • Knowledge of the Symfony Framework.
  • Knowledge of the API Platform bundle is desired.
  • Knowledge of the React.js Framework.
  • Knowledge of organizational processes in Agile mode.

Language Requirements: Fluency in both French and English is essential for effective communication and collaboration within our multicultural team.

Additional Information

If you are a skilled Full-Stack Developer looking for an exciting opportunity feel free to apply to this opportunity!

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