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Date de publication 04.09.2023

Senior Conversational Designer/Copywriter French

A job at Proximus? You'll find that everything revolves around the idea 'Think Possible'. This means: we always assume that something is possible, even if it seems impossible. Well, especially so, actually. Call it a way of thinking that involves being open to a world of digital solutions that make our lives easier. And our way of working smarter.

Within Design Chapter Area, the Conversation Design Chapter, creates the dialogs of the Proximus Digital Assistant (chatbot and voice IVR), and improves the user experience of customers and answers the digital needs that modern-day consumers have.
As a Senior Conversational Designer - Copywriter you will be part of a multi-disciplinary team that is responsible for the implementation and delivery of chatbots and voice assistants.

You will:
  • be responsible for the creation and optimalization of dialogs
  • monitor and analyze conversation logs
  • create conversations in French
  • at a later stage, implement dialogs in our conversation management platform Google Dialogflow CX
  • training our bots to better understand what end-users are saying (in collaboration with AI specialists).

As a French Senior Conversational Designer, your work will be used in both sales and after-sales context for various customer segments. We are searching for people with a strong affinity with digital customer needs, that are customer-oriented and that have a flexible, positive attitude, especially regarding change and digital transformation.

Your Profile

Required competencies:
  • excellent writing skills in French, Dutch is a plus
  • excellent understanding of English
  • very good communication skills
  • proactivity and self-steering
  • proven experience in configuring/setting-up interactions in conversational bots (chat and voice)
  • proven experience in digital communication (chat, messaging, social media...) in a professional context
  • experience in voice messaging is an asset (design for voice IVR, Alexa, Google Assistant...)
  • experience in working in an agile context
  • ability to work under pressure

An ideal candidate is...
  • passionate by language and technology
  • aware of how bot conversations should be designed from both a design & copy point of view
  • aware of how chatbots work and what the possibilities and limitations are
  • a good communicator, both with management and peers
  • a team player: the project is ongoing, with some aspects still under construction. Success will come from a good collaboration within the teams
  • creative and an out-of-the-box thinker
  • customer-oriented
  • cautious to keep a positive mindset and attitude, even in stressful situations
  • open to change related to working in a digital environment.

What do we offer you?
  • We are 100% Belgian. So we make decisions in three languages. And all at the same time if you like!
  • We are open to everyone: M, W, X, and in fact all the other letters of the alphabet.
  • We encourage personal growth. At the Proximus Academy, you won't even want to miss a session.
  • We are, of course, committed to sustainability. What else did you think?
  • We firmly believe that working together is important, but that having fun together is even more so. That is why we regularly organise fun activities. (Please let us know if you have a talent for playing Santa Claus!)
  • We believe in responsibility. Also in yours. For example, you can take it to launch your own initiatives.
  • We put our customers first. And because we are all customers somewhere, you already know what that means. That's good.
  • And the ever-important work-life balance? We keep it in the right place.

Naturally we have a competitive salary package for you. Click here (or apply) to discover what else we offer.

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