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Date de publication 25.04.2024

Senior Design Strategist French-speaking


We are looking for an experienced Senior Design Strategist with international work experience to join a team of designers, researchers and changemakers worldwide. Ideally, you are comfortable leading innovation projects, managing client relationships, and, most importantly, bringing innovation methodologies, ideas and ways of working to a broader team.

The current ten-person team at the iDE Innovation Lab have been working together for many years, so this is a rare opportunity to join a well-established team working on a broad range of projects with a social innovation focus in Africa.


You will be working with the in-house social lab of iDE called Innovation Lab located in Asia and Africa, with a mission to champion an integrated approach to innovation that drives lasting impact for iDE's multi-sectoral programs.

The iDE Innovation Lab also functions as a strategy and innovation consultancy in focus areas of water, sanitation & hygiene, climate change (clean energy, conservation), agriculture, and maternal health & nutrition. Over the years, we have worked with a portfolio of international development organisations such as Care International, Hellen Keller, USAID, UNICEF, World Bank Group, Plant and Food Research, Save the Children, and SNV.

We are on the mission of driving lasting, impactful change through a market systems approach and human-centred design methodologies, so we are looking for a world-class expert in design and innovation to join our multidisciplinary and multicultural team to solve development challenges.

iDE is a global non-profit organisation spanning offices in 14 countries, employing over 1,000 people directly, and indirectly enabling income and opportunities for our rural audience of focus through market-based approaches across different sectors. Find out more about iDE here!

  • Leading multiple end to end social innovation projects, which include:
    • Project & client management, collaborating and managing peers throughout the process
    • Building a project plan, meeting deadlines, and delegating tasks
    • Conducting desk research, expert interviews, designing research plans required to solve the design problem we want to tackle
    • Conducting ethnographic research in diverse contexts
    • Synthesising findings and presenting them in digestible and visual ways for the client
    • Coming up with strategies and action plans that are easy to operationalise for the client
    • Engaging with stakeholders, leading and facilitating alignment meetings and strategy workshops
    • Running fun and engaging co-creation/brainstorming workshops in the field and the office
    • Building and developing prototypes and testing loops that will inform the design of the final solution (strategy, product, digital product, businesses or services)
    • Making confident and timely decisions to move the project forward

• Coaching a global team on a diverse set of innovative methodologies and approaches
• Establishing and nurturing client relationships
• Writing proposals and creating exciting new business opportunities
• Willingness to travel to remote areas, mainly in Africa and Latin America, for research and testing
• Running fun and engaging co-creation/brainstorming workshops in the field and the office
• Developing a wide range of prototypes and running tests to validate prototypes in the field
• This position requires to travel domestically and internationally quite often at least 20% of the time.
• This position requires to spend a lot of time in the field doing research and rapid prototyping and testing.


• At least 5 years of experience working for a design firm/innovation lab with ample experience in applying a Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design and Behaviour Change methodology.
• Experienced working in different countries, across diverse cultural environments, or remote areas
• Experienced in applying various innovation methodologies to projects (human-centred design, behaviour change methodologies, behavioural economics, rapid prototyping and testing)
• Experienced in innovation management techniques (sprint/agile project management, lean, stage gates)
• Experienced in overseeing, managing and leading design projects (building a project plan, meeting deadlines, and delegating tasks)
• Strong skills and experience analysing, synthesing and coming up with Digestible Strategies and Action plan based on the design research effort
• Experienced in managing and coaching other team members
• Visual design or product design skills
• Experienced in behaviour change techniques
• Experienced in developing creative strategies, interventions and communicating this effectively with a client and team
• Experienced in writing proposals and business development
• Experienced in facilitating workshops (Design Thinking, HCD, co-creations, stakeholder alignments)
• Confident presenting in front of large audiences
• Skilled in using Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Slack, Google Workplace, Clickup and other design and project management software
• High proficiency in English and French reading, writing and speaking
• and preferably Malagasy reading, writing and speaking

• A designer with a business/marketing background or experience working as an entrepreneur
• Experience working on digital solutions (UX Design, ICT tools)

• Is optimistic, passionate, dynamic, and curious
• Is a fast learner and very hands on
• Is open and happy to share new methods and ideas with the team
• Is an autonomous problem-solver with a mind full of ideas ready to be tested
• Brings a positive attitude to the team and doesn't take themselves too seriously
• Is driven by a social mission
• Has cultural sensitivity and respect towards unfamiliar contexts
• Has a flexible mindset, is agile and adaptive, and at the same time takes into account their capacity, deadlines and limitations
• Has excellent time and people management skills
• Can embrace uncertainty and manage stress
• Will challenge the status quo to create creative solutions



We intend to pay our staff a competitive salary benchmarked with market pay scales and commensurate with experience. In addition, we will cover both health and accident insurance.

This position is project-based so it is bound to available project funding


1. CV

2. Portfolio with your previous projects

3. Through a video, a poster, or a sketch/another creative medium, tell us about yourself, your practice, your motivations to work at the iDE's Innovation Lab, and why you are the best candidate. Just be creative and tell us a good story!

Our deadline for applications is May 12th, 2024

Diversity Statement:

iDE takes pride in our talented and diverse workforce. Minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Hiring, promotion, and compensation of employees are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age.