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About Workwide

What is Workwide and what do you do?

Workwide Group is a recruitment technology company founded in 2014 in Sweden. On our website, you will find the biggest selection of French jobs abroad. We partner with selected, top-rated employers around Europe and to help you find a job outside your home country.  

Most of our team members have moved to Sweden from abroad to work for our company. We are a young team with a mix of nationalities and a common passion for exploring the world. We believe that living in new countries and experiencing new cultures is something tremendously valuable.

What is the difference between Workwide and Workwide Recruit?

Why should I create an account?

Who is reading my application and CV?

What type of companies do you partner with?

How does Workwide keep my information and privacy safe?

How it works

How do I apply?

Is Workwide´s service free?

What does the icon Personal Service mean?

What does the icon Relocation help mean?

What does the Talent.com icon mean?

What does the icon Work from Home mean?

About our jobs and application process

Which roles and jobs can I find on Workwide?

Do I have to speak several languages? What does language talent and multilingual talent mean?

What working hours can I expect?

What can I expect from the introduction and training?

Will the introduction and training be paid?

Do I need to need to move to get the job?

What does Relocation support mean?

What can I expect in terms of probation, notice period and overtime?

Do I need to be a EU citizen to apply for your jobs?

I want to move abroad in 6 months, can I apply for your jobs already?

Is the salary sufficient to have a decent lifestyle?

Preparing to move abroad

Where will I stay during the initial period?

Do I have to search for accommodation before starting the job?

Do I have to pay for the flight ticket in advance?

Besides rent, what is the cost of living?

Do I need a starting budget?

Do I need a travel insurance?

Do I pay taxes in the new country or in my home country?

Job interview

I have been invited for a job interview for a Workwide Recruit job, what can I expect? Do I need to prepare anything?