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Date de publication 16.06.2024

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COBOL Academy (French Speakers) - Early Registration!

Company Description

Natixis in Portugal is part of the Global Financial Services division, where it applies technology for the development of financial expertise in its two global business lines - Corporate & Investment Banking and Asset & Wealth Management - and, transversally, for the entities of Groupe BPCE.

The Centre of Expertise, based in Porto, currently has more than 2,400 employees from over 30 nationalities, organised in three main departments: Information Technology, Banking Support Activities and Compliance. These teams work in an integrated, inclusive and transversal way, supporting and creating value for all the business lines and platforms of the group. The project in Porto is one of the biggest investments in Human Resources ever made by Groupe BPCE worldwide.

A disruptive mindset and a culture of proximity and agility identify Natixis in Portugal Team and reflect the company's mission to transform traditional banking at a global scale: a perfect match in the Portuguese dynamics and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In 2024, Top Employers Institute has awarded Natixis in Portugal the Top Employer Portugal accreditation for the second time. This certification recognizes excellence in people practices, following the example of our head office, in France, who was certified Top Employer France for the eight year in a row.

Job Description

Unleash your coding potential at the COBOL Academy! Are you ready to be a COBOL Cowboy or Cowgirl? Then embark on a thrilling journey into the world of COBOL development.

The COBOL Academy is a fantastic opportunity for you, who are interested in IT and the banking sector. You will have the opportunity to become a sharp COBOL developer.

Do you know what is COBOL?

COBOL stands for "COmmon Business-Oriented Language" and is a programming language, designed for business use.

Why Choose the COBOL Academy?
  • Master COBOL: Dive deep into the world of COBOL programming. Gain hands-on experience and build a strong foundation in this essential language, that's the backbone of many critical systems.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from the best! Our seasoned instructors are here to guide you every step of the way, sharing their extensive knowledge and industry insights.
  • Real-world Projects: Put your skills to the test with practical, real-world projects. Get a taste of what it's like to work as a COBOL developer.
  • Career Opportunities: Upon successful completion, kickstart your career as a junior COBOL developer. Open the door to a world of possibilities in the IT sector.
  • Continuous Learning: Our learning environment is all about growth. Stay curious, keep learning, and watch your career soar!
  • Team Players: Collaboration is key. Join a vibrant community of like-minded learners and developers who value teamwork.


What You'll Learn:
  • COBOL Fundamentals: Master the basics of COBOL programming from the ground up.
  • Problem Solving: Develop your problem-solving skills to tackle real-world challenges.
  • Database Management: Explore the world of databases and learn how to work with them effectively.

Are you the right fit?
  • We welcome beginners that already have some background in exact Sciences and/or Technology.
  • Availability: TBD
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in French and English (minimum B1 Level for both).

Ready to embark on your COBOL adventure? Join the COBOL Academy today and set your IT career on a path to success!

Apply now and code your future with us!

Additional Information

At Natixis, we are committed to fostering a working environment where each and every one of our people is treated with dignity and respect and where every voice is heard. Our differences make us collectively stronger and are a source of fulfilment, innovation and performance.

In the framework of its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy, Natixis in Portugal has implemented a Blind CV Screening process, with the purpose of reducing hiring bias. A blind CV excludes any personal details which refer to the applicant's gender, age or ethnicity. When applying for our positions, please submit a blind CV, that is, with no picture, name, gender, age, nationality, ethnicity and address. Your personal statement, work experience, courses and certifications, education, skills and contact information is what matters to us.


Early morning. Campo 24 de Agosto. In 4 minutes, you are clocking in at the office. Start your day having breakfast with the Team and grab fresh fruit on the way to your seat, in one of Porto's most typical neighborhoods. This Purple Day is going to be a busy one: daily meeting ensuring all team members are on the same page regarding work status, priorities and blockers, language class and, just after, a Talent Management meeting with your manager, discussing your career path.

Lunch break. Today, your Team is onboarding newcomers, but also welcoming French colleagues: the perfect excuse to walk downtown and bond over a francesinha. When returning, inhale nature and peace of mind in Natixis Urban Garden (look at the crops; ready to harvest!).

Back inside. Brainstorming session on a new, exciting project in our disruptive and immersive Manaus Village. The afternoon went flying (tasks, meetings, some jokes with your teammates). End it on a high note: celebrating cultural diversity with a Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.

Tomorrow, you attend a conference led by influential speakers in your industry and, the day after, you will work from home, benefitting from some focus time to complete that report and soft skills course on LinkedIn Learning. Once you are done with your work for the day, strike the right note playing with Natixis band or be part of a board games session. If that is too steady for you, meet your colleagues to catch some waves or sail the Douro river during golden hour.

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