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Date de publication 23.06.2024

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Data Loss Prevention Project Manager w/French B2

Company Description


Alter Solutions Portugal is an IT Consultancy Company, promoter of Digital Transformation, part of the Alter Solutions Group, created in 2006, in Paris. In 2022, Alter Solutions joined the act digital group, constituting a global community of talent in Technology, with presence in twelve countries: Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, United States of America, Morocco, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Serbia. Also in 2022, we were certified as a Great Place to Work©. In Portugal, we partner with over 120 clients and a team of over 500 people, working in projects for industries as diverse as banking, insurance, transportation, aviation, energy, and telecom. Headquarters of the Nearshore IT center, Alter Solutions Portugal has a dedicated team of around 30 specialized professionals, integrated into projects with several internationally renowned clients.

Job Description

Job Description:
  • Ensure the DLP project rollout (technical implementation and communications);
  • Coordinate the actions between the different stakeholders;
  • Integrate the business in the different steps of the project (definition of the need, validations, deployment) through committee and communication;
  • Communicate on the DLP project status to all DLP platforms through committee, SharePoint, emails,...;
  • Provide support for DLP teams in their understanding of the DLP Group requirements and their implementation;
  • Be a force of proposals to reinforce DLP Group requirements (on the existing measures or new ones);
  • Report on the deployment of DLP controls within the Group; and
  • Be the point of contact for the DLP platforms, CISOs, DPOs.

Language Skills:
  • English B2/C1
  • French B2

Technical Skills:
  • Pack MS Office Microsoft
  • Business Intelligence: Cognos, PowerBI
  • Development Languages: Python, C++, VBA

Soft Skills:
  • Coordination/Project Management
  • Be responsible for planning the different steps/actions of the project and their rollout
  • Ensure that all the related documents (procedure(s) for DLP platforms, communication to End users, knowledge base for support) are delivered
  • Provide help and support to all DLP teams for Group implementation
  • Update regularly on Group DLP controls
  • Set up indicators for monitoring DLP projects and coverage

  • Ensure that all the stakeholders are informed about the DLP project status and therefore aware of their involvement on the project
  • Provide monthly reports to the management on DLP coverage
  • Communicate on the DLP project status to all DLP platforms, business, etc
  • Participate in the animation of a DLP community bringing together cybersecurity players around DLP topics

Business Skills:
  • Experience in Data loss prevention topics
  • General knowledge of IT and IT security, key related processes and regulatory framework
  • Knowledge of the technical and application architecture principles of the activity scope
  • Ability to understand data, IT systems and cyber security risks, and apply knowledge of security and data management to regulations
  • Knowledge on development and process automation
  • Project management

Transversal Skills:
  • Ability to manage a project
  • Ability to inspire others and generate commitment
  • Ability to establish and activate network
  • Ability to lead a meeting, seminar, committee
  • Ability to define relevant KPIs
  • Ability to understand, explain and conduct the change

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