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Indirect ASP Relationship Manager - French

Responsibilities :


The ASP Relationship Manager is responsible for managing the service-related processes (=indirect business processes) within Lexmark but also between the company and the vendors. (Authorized Service Providers/Business Solution Dealers)

This includes the continuous performance monitoring of the existing partners, maintaining and improving end-to-end processes, and implementing/developing new methods to improve efficiency.

The person will also be responsible for developing, implementing, planning, and controlling the rollout of new indirect service processes for EMEA. The ASP Relationship Manager works with the overall operations and systems teams within Lexmark EMEA and Country Services Operations Managers, EMEA Service Delivery organization to create the linkages required to develop a controlled and well-managed service activity.

This will ensure that Lexmark meets the operational requirements for implementing and administering special and standard contracts, including nonstandard warranty delivery. Responsibilities include managing contracts, payment, and invoicing, overseeing product service delivery, implementing projects, and handling technical operations. Additionally, it involves monitoring and enforcing compliance with these obligations.

The ASP Relationship Manager is responsible for making sure that the vendors adhere to the service contract by holding partner performance reviews and guiding the partners where needed.

Works with EMEA country service management and EMEA operations teams to implement operational procedures and performance standards that are consistent with the country's requirements and WW needs.

Oversees and supports the design and implementation of operational indirect service solutions for customer engagements and controls in the EMEA countries.


1. Strategic Role:
  • Develops and implements the indirect service delivery operation strategy for EMEA, linking it to the WW strategy, and implements these strategies within the country-centric business model.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the new indirect service contracts. Manages the reporting data provided within the system and by the logistic service provider. Actively engages in project teams to understand current customer requirements and industry and competitive trends that drive standard practice development for the operations.
  • Recommends and implements techniques to improve the productivity of the operations, increases efficiencies, cuts costs, takes advantage of opportunities, and maintains state-of-the-art practices in all aspects of the operations.

2. Practice Implementation Tasks:

  • Actively supports the vendor by reviewing performance and data internally, sharing findings within the team, and developing a strategy to foster a successful relationship between Lexmark and the vendor. This includes identifying and addressing instances where the partner does not adhere to contract terms, performance standards, or processes, and regularly holding reviews with them.
  • Collaborates with Country Service Managers, EMEA Service Operations, and WW to document and implement operational practices and workflows through the country service operations teams. This ensures the indirect service business requirements are met, based on a thorough analysis of both Lexmark's and the customer's needs.
  • Implements and maintains standard partner metrics and internal operational metrics for all indirect service operations. Tracks and reports monthly key performance indicators related to operations for EMEA operations reviews.
  • Develops the strategy and project plans to implement the new indirect service program, promoting it within EMEA countries and central organizations.
  • Creates Pan-European practices and contracts for implementation through central or country structures to meet customer Pan-European business requirements.
  • Coordinates and monitors the operational delivery of all indirect service contracts and all logistic partner contracts.
  • Validates and documents all operational practices required for implementing new indirect service contracts using flowcharts and written procedures. This includes defining interfaces with owners of other functional business processes (finance, service delivery, sales, etc.) and ensuring that each operational practice has a functional equivalent implemented in each country.
  • Responsible for the presentation of operations solutions within the indirect service environment.
  • Participates actively in the strategic development process of the indirect service operations at the country and EMEA levels. Ensures this strategy co-exists successfully

3. Additional Responsibilities:
  • Develops the cost model for indirect services in collaboration with the Finance team using tools such as Power BI, Excel, and SAP, while keeping abreast of current trends and practices in the field. Provides parts usage data.
  • Participates in and challenges logistics teams during reviews focused on performance and costs, utilizing Lexmark tools.
  • Communicates internally and externally on all necessary spare parts-related topics, leveraging tools for accurate data dissemination.
  • Summarizes and debriefs Team Management and the team as needed, using Power BI and Excel for comprehensive reporting.
  • Ensures that logistics know-how and country specifics, handbooks are documented and accessible to the team through well-maintained records in Lexmark tools such as SharePoint and other documentation tools.
  • Implements spare parts logistics changes with EMEA Indirect Service Providers
  • Initiates cost savings measures such as return list reviews, box collection, and flow optimization, using Power BI and Excel to identify and track savings opportunities.

  • BA/BS degree in Business or equivalent experience and background
  • Experience with SAP, Excel, PBI, CRM systems
  • Significant experience interacting with both internal and external customers, including executives.
  • Experience with the delivery of operations through the use of technology solutions.
  • Experience in implementing tri-party contracts.
  • Experience with service companies.
  • Demonstrated experience in business analysis.
  • Experience in major project management with multi-discipline team members. Strong project management skill set.
  • Cost management experience

  • Ability to create structures and processes through formal and informal leadership
  • Excellent team player
  • Comfortable working in a matrix organization
  • Ability to develop strong business relationships
  • Strong customer focus
  • Strong analytical and reasoning abilities
  • Strong ability to problem-solve and resolve conflict situations independently
  • Well organized and able to influence others.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Ability to establish credibility and be decisive
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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